Friday, August 7, 2015

Day Trip to Fort Worden

We took at day trip to Port Townsend to explore Fort Worden State Park. We had a picnic lunch on the beach then we went hiking along the trails to see different tunnels and forts. Everyone had fun exploring and scaring each other in the tunnels. Then we played on the beach and collected sea shells. It was a fun day.

Landon, Layla, Alaina, Owen, Lexi, Ashley and Alyse

Mariah, Sarah, Alysha and Amanda

Shelley, Carla, Kristey, Mike, Stacy and Ruby

Our whole group of explorers


Mike, Alysha, Amanda and Sarah

Alaina, Alysha and Layla

Layla and Owen

Ashley and Owen

Ruby, Landon and Alaina

Layla and Alysha

Group photo

Funny group photo

Alysha and me

Carla and Shelley

Alaina, Ashley and Lexi

Another group photo

Mike and me

Mike at the entrance to Hell

Alysha and Mariah pulling Amanda into the tunnel

Girls in the tunnel

Amanda, Alysha and Sarah

Monkeys in a tree

Ruby, Sarah, Lexi, Alaina and Landon on the beach

Sarah, Alysha and Amanda on the beach

Mike by the light house

Mike and me by the lighthouse

Back in Kingston watching the ferry come in

Alysha and Audrey at the end of the day

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