Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August is flying by

I can't believe it's time to start thinking about school. Alysha started her senior year with Richard McKenna online H.S. Aug 3rd. She is taking U.S. Government and English for 6 weeks then will switch to different classes throughout the year. One thing nice about online school is that I don't have to worry about buying her school clothes, although we will pick a few things up as needed. She loves being able to wear her PJs if she wants to.  Ashley and Owen have not been to happy about having to try on uniform clothes to try to find the right sizes and we finally found all their school supplies. I received my textbooks (Javascript/Jquery, SQL server & ASP.net with C#) if you don't know what they are its almost another language (computer programing). So if I don't make any sense when you talk to me, those three books will be to blame...

We have been trying to have fun the last few weeks with lots of playing in the pool, being lazy in our pajamas, watching movies etc.. I finished my mosaic I made at Shelley's and it is now drying. Mike installed my new door with window so my office has light, yay..  Owen has been drawing and building dinosaurs and robots. Ashley's been trying to watch all the seasons of the Smurfs. I got caught up on the Game of Thrones tv series while Alysha has been discovering more tv series to recommend to me. I started painting a BBQ sign for the backyard and have been reorganizing my office and paperwork. Mike helped me empty and clean the pool then we refilled it with clean water to enjoy for the next month. Mike and I escaped for an evening and went downtown Boise with Molly, Will, Cody and Marisa for the pre-fat party which was a fun evening.

Alysha at school at the kitchen table

My new door

Grouting my glass mosaic

Finished Seattle Mosaic

Alysha at school

Owen Robot made from Jenga blocks

Hanging out with my family downtown Boise

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