Sunday, August 23, 2015

Burnt Owyhee ride

Mike and I went for a motorcycle ride to check out where the Soda Fire had burnt the land in the Owyhees. We rode out to Jump Creek but the road was closed so we took a public access road around it that went right into the burn zone. It started off as just a dirt road then there was some gravel, ruts and then larger rocks. A few miles in I hit a large rock and knocked my chain off so Mike had to back track to fix it for me. Then we continued up to a fenced in area with a very large propane tank and antennas that the fire had burnt around. Then we took a different road back to the highway. The second road ended up rougher than I was expecting and challenging for a new rider. By then I was getting tired and ended up belly flopping in the middle of the road. I was fine but my bike was a little bent and scratched up. Mike once again came back to fix it for me. When we finally made it to the highway I was exhausted. It was a good ride even if it pushed me out of my comfort zone a lot but I did it..

Mike fixing my chain

After my crash that knocked my seat off

Mike fixing my bike again

I made it back to the Highway....

I like my bike. It is perfect for me. 
My Mike goes riding with me, you see. 
I like my Mike, and this is why: 
Mike does all the fixing when the hills get to high.
reworded from Dr. Seuss's One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

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