Sunday, May 10, 2015

Spring projects

It's been a sunny and warm spring for the most part here. As we get closer to the end of school we always seem to have last minute school projects to quickly throw together. Above is a photo of Ashley with her Diorama of "Hard Times on the Prairie" which is a book adapted from "Little House on the Prairie". Owen did an experiment for his class's science fair. He used a magnet to see if he could defy gravity and make a paperclip hang in the air. Ashley sewed an apron to use in her health class while they work in the school garden. Owen went on a hike with his cub scout troop on the Caldwell greenbelt by the ponds. Ashley and her friend Elisabeth from school painted rocks for the school garden. Then everyone painted more rocks to put in our flower and vegetable containers around the yard. Ashley did some research on El Salvador for her history class then drew a map and created a poster. Alysha finished her junior year of online high school with straight A's. She did a great job staying self motivated and worked really hard. We went to reading night at the school and saw that the second grade classrooms were still using the door decorations I made them a few years ago. :)

Owen's Science Fair Project

Owen with his experiment

Alysha on a walk in the rain

Ashley sewing an apron to use in the school garden

Owen after a hike with his cub scout troop

Owen, Ashley and Elisabeth painting rocks for the school garden

Elisabeth and Ashley with their rocks

Ashley with the rocks for the school garden

Happy kids on a 4 mile walk

Girls painting more rocks

Ashley with her poster for history on El Salvador

Ashley painting rocks for my vegetables

Rocks in action

Ashley with her bunny Oreo

Ashley with my door decoration

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