Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Last day of school already?

It's hard to believe but another school year has come and gone. Above photo is from Owen and Ashley's last day of school with flowers for their teachers. We are all really ready for a break from school and homework. We have lots of fun plans for the summer.

Ashley received the Honor Roll award again at the school assembly. She worked really hard to keep up with all her different classes with different teachers this year. She had a great attitude and all her 6th grade teachers had wonderful things to say about her.

Owen finished his 4th grade year with lots of friends and good memories. His teachers were always super happy with his behavior and being a good role model for other kids in his class. He also had really good grades even with half his classes being completely in Spanish.

Alysha will be in 12th grade next year, Ashley will be in 7th grade and Owen will be in 5th grade.

Ashley receiving her Honor Roll award

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