Sunday, May 10, 2015

First BBQ of the year

We had a surprise visit from the Weideman's a couple of weeks ago as they were here to visit Grandma Reva and Scott's family in Weiser. We all quickly through a BBQ together and lucked out with really nice weather. The kids had fun playing in the sand box, on the trampoline and in the tree house. Then when it started to cool down they played dress up and watching a movie. It was nice to see all of them and we are looking forward to their next visit.

All the Weideman and Hardy kids eating hot dogs and hamburgers.

Layla, Owen, Landon and Audrey in the sand box.

Landon shooting me while I was taking his photo

Landon, Owen on the trampoline while Audrey is climbing up to join them

Landon, Owen and Audrey

Grandma Reva, Aunt Ruby and Uncle Scott with their injuries

Landon getting a massage.

Audrey trying to follow the big kids up the ladder to the treehouse.

Ashley, Alaina, Alyse, and Lexi in the tree house.

Owen and Landon watching a movie

Audrey attacking Owen

Owen loving being attacked by Audrey

Lexi, Ashley, Alaina, Layla and Alyse playing dress up
Massage time

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