Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day BBQs

Ashley, Delaney, Mason, Uncle Cody and Owen

We had a very busy Memorial Day with two BBQs. First we went to my sister Molly's house in Boise for a lunch BBQ and got to visit with my brother Cody who just arrived from North Carolina. Then we rushed home to get things ready for our BBQ with Mike's family for dinner. It was a busy but very fun day with lots of family.

Delaney, Ashley, Owen and Mason

Audrey, Landon, Layla, Alaina, Owen, Lexi, Ashley and Alyse

I think Pepe' is thinking "Beware of little girls"

Layla and Pepe'

Lexi, Alyse and Ashley

Al, Amanda, Kristey, Ruby, Alaina, Cliff, Carla and grandma Reva

Mike BBQing with his little helper

Food time

Audrey in the sandbox

Kristey, Mariah and Amanda.

Cliff, Carla, grandma Reva, Al and Landon.

Landon, Lexi and Alyse

Alaina and Owen

Ashley, Landon, Lexi, Layla and Alyse

Owen and Landon

It's bubble time

Girl dance party

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