Saturday, May 16, 2015

Odds and Ends

Ashley went to her first school dance a few weeks ago. She has been collecting dresses in her closet to wear to the school dances but when it came time to go she wouldn't wear any of them. We finally talked her into wearing a skirt. I volunteered to chaperon the dance and was surprised that I was the only parent there for most of it. The kids were super funny and wow there is a huge difference in sizes from the sixth graders to the eight graders. They all did a lot of running around but very little dancing. Most of the time the boys were on one side of the gym while the girls were on the other. They did have one dance off boys vs girls with at least ten feet in-between them.

The DJs

Ashley enjoying the dance

I went to Develop Idaho at the BSU Stueckle Sky Center with all the web development students from CWI. We got to hear the keynote speaker Hadi Partovi, co-founder of speak about his mission to add computer science classes to all the elementary and secondary schools in the US. Then we were able to mingle with different Boise business owners and learn more about what awesome companies are doing here in the Treasure Valley. 

View from the BSU Stueckle Sky Center

1st and 2nd year CWI students

1st and 2nd year CWI students

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