Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Nyssa ThunderEgg Days

Every July we perform at the Nyssa ThunderEgg Days to promote Liz's dance studio. She has her little dancers perform then we belly dance afterwards. This year we were down to just three of us so our performance was short and sweet. We lucked out, the temperatures were only in the 70's when we danced compared to the usual 105 of other years.

When we were done I changed into a summer dress and toned down my makeup then we walked around and looked at all the cool stuff the venders were selling. Ashley entered the side walk chalk drawing contest again. She got 3rd place last year and ended up getting 2nd place this year. Awesome :)

Acting in the middle of our performance, just for fun..

My solo Turkish ROM

Ashley working on her side walk chalk drawing

Ashley with her finished drawing - she got 2nd place.

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