Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July

The fourth of July is always super busy. We went to the parade, the car show, walked around the park and then headed home to finish up our last minute projects. Mike's family came over and we all played in the pool, BBQ'd hamburgers, Mike opened presents and we had cake. I had bought two pounds of dry ice for the volcano but it was down to a tablespoon size by the time we had cake so I was very disappointed that the volcano didn't erupted like I had wanted. Amanda, Ashley and Owen did a few snakes in the driveway, we walked over to the park to watch the fireworks, did a few little fireworks and sparklers here at the house then had a glow stick pool party.

Watching the parade

Ashley looking cute

Kristey being patriotic

Kristey, Mike and Owen

car show

Watching the kids in the bubbles

Ashley in the Johnston cabin

Owen in the Mckenzie Cabin

Amanda, Owen, Ashley and Cliff in the pool

Amanda, Ashey and Owen

Grandpa Al and Grandma Reva

Cliff, Carla, Amanda, Kristey, Ashley, Owen and Mike in the pool

Amanda, Ashley and Owen lighting snakes in the driveway

BBQing hamburgers

Mike with his Doomsday Preppers present

Mike's Disaster birthday cake - earthquake, tsunami, tornado, flood, volcano and aliens

Waiting for the volcano to erupt......... and waiting...... and waiting... :(

Ready to watch the fireworks

Start the show....



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