Thursday, July 23, 2015

Back at Grandma Reva's house

While we were all at Eagle Island Audrey had a great day with Grandma Reva all to herself. We all headed back there after playing at Eagle Island and had yummy taco salad. Aunt Kristey and uncle Mike showed the kids a game they use to play when they were little called "Cow & Pig". Then uncle Mike and the kids built a fire in the back yard. Grandma Reva made homemade marshmallows then added chocolate and gram crackers turning them into s'mores.

Mike telling the kids about the game he and Kristey made up, "Cow & Pig".

Mike and Kristey playing Cow and Pig

Audrey, Layla, Owen and Alaina helping Mike twist up newspaper for a fire.

Lexi, Still having fun...

Audrey, Landon and Layla collecting sticks

Owen and Lexi with more sticks

Owen and Layla adding more sticks to the pile

Kids watching uncle Mike light the fire

Watching the fire

Everyone watching the fire..

Backyard family photo...

Grandma Reva's homemade marshmallows made into s'mores..

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