Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cody and Marisa's engagement BBQ

Mike, Marisa, Cody and Eric

Last Saturday my family all got together for a BBQ and surprise engagement party for my little brother Cody and his fiance Marisa. They just moved here a month or so ago and this was our first get together with everyone. The kids had fun playing in the pool, hot tub, slip n' slide and playing bad-mitten. The big kids played quite a few games of bad-mitten also. Uncle Cody rescued baby squirrels that fell out of the tree. We BBQ hamburgers and had cake. It was a nice afternoon.

Mason and Ashley

Cody, Delaney and Marisa playing bad-mitten

Hackiesack time

Marisa and Owen

Molly and Cody

Owen and Mason having a noodle fight

Owen and Mason

Delaney and Ashley in the hot tub

Goofy girls

More pool time

Eric and Cody vs Marisa and Molly

Mom, Mike and Dad

Kids in the hot tub

Cody with a baby squirrel

Cody putting the baby squirrels back in the tree

Kids watching the squirrel rescue

Mike and Will vs Cody and Marisa

Mason and Delaney interrupting the game

Mike don't freak out, but there is a bug on your glass

Owen and Mason vs Delaney and Ashley

Ashley chill'n

Uncle Cody showing the kids up on the slip n' slide

Cody and Marisa ready to cut their cake

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