Sunday, September 28, 2014

First Day of School

Ashley started 6th grade in the middle school at Heritage Community Charter this year. It took her a week or so to get use to switching classes every hour but she is now a pro at it. Luckily she is still in the same building she has been in the last three years so it isn't a huge change.

Owen started 4th grade and switches back and forth between his English and Spanish teachers like he has for the last three years so not much of a change for him.

Alysha on the other hand, decided to change everything around and go to school where her dad just moved to in St. John's, Florida. She thought changing schools would be great but after about three weeks she was ready to come home.

I started my second year of college at CWI but my first semester in the Web Development program. They only have 20 places each year and I managed to get one of them.  I now have only one four hour long class Mon-Fri in Boise at the Ada campus. The drive in the mornings is crazy with all the traffic trying to get to Boise all at the same time plus road construction. The first two weeks were really rough and I was really thinking maybe I got myself into something I couldn't wrap my brain around, computer server administration learning Windows Servers and Linux. I can't say I'm a pro at it but it is starting to make a lot more sense now.

(I'm jumping ahead a bit) Alysha is now back and just restarted school here. Everyone is super excited that she is back and she has a new appreciation for being back at her high school.

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