Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ruby's house

This week I didn't have much planned so I volunteered to help Grandma Reva watch Ruby's 6 kids while she had to work. The kids had a great time playing with their cousins while Reva and I played with Landon and Audrey. I tried to take on most of the diaper changing, dish washing and clean up so Reva had more time playing and baking with the kids. Above is a photo of Grandma Reva helping Landon build his train set. Mean while the big girls where doing a fashion show, Alaina was making a fort/store, Layla was a pretend baker and Owen was the customer. We ended the evening with yummy homemade vegetable soup and a movie.

The next day after grandma's wonderful blueberry pancakes the girls performed a music concert for us. We went to check on the chickens to find that they were running free so we had a chicken round up. Alyse helped Grandma Reva make homemade pizza for lunch while the kids played outside. Once Landon went down for a nap I took the bigger kids out to swim in the pool for three hours. Layla wasn't very happy with me because I made her keep her life jacket on. Then Alyse helped Grandma Reva make homemade marshmallows. The kids were all like little vultures while they covered them with chocolate. Once we got the kitchen back in order Ashley and I headed home.

Fashion model Alyse
Fashion model Lexi
Fashion model Ashley

Alaina, Layla and Owen watching the fashion show

Alyse, Lexi and Ashley

Walk like an Egyptian

Owen and Layla taking turns on Landon's new bike

Blond monkeys in the jungle

Audrey watching everything going on around her.

Landon counting his money

Grandma Reva and Alyse making pizza

Alaina getting ready for the music concert

Lexi, Layla, Owen, Alyse, Ashley and Alaina ready to swim

Kids in the pool

Alyse helping Grandma Reva make marshmallows

Little vultures, helping with the chocolate

Girls ready to eat their chocolate covered marshmallows

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