Monday, July 29, 2013

Floating the Boise River

Yesterday, we met my sister and her family at Barber Park to float the Boise River. We arrived early and had the place to ourselves then enjoyed a quiet float down the river. We stopped by the city of rocks and played on a rope swing for a little while. Once we made it to Julia Davis park we pulled all the rafts out and had lunch. Followed by playing in the fountain. It was a great day.

Will, Molly and Delaney on the Boise river

Mason, Mike and Owen on the Boise River

Mason, Ashley and Stacy on the Boise River

Ashley and Delaney at Rock City on the Boise River

Owen and Mason at Rock City on the Boise River

Delaney and Ashley on the Boise River

Will, Ashley and Delaney

Mason and Owen

Mason and Owen at the fountain at Julie Davis Park

Ashley at the fountain

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