Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of July/Mike's Birthday

This was a busy week with Mike's birthday and the 4th of July. Reva and Al came over on Sunday night with this beautiful flag Mike's grandmother made in the early 70's to give to Mike and a yummy strawberry pie. She also offered to take Ashley and Owen with her to Mike's sister Ruby's house the following day to spend two nights and play with cousins which gave us some time without kids. We really enjoyed the couple days of quiet, went to dinner at Sizzlers and out to see a movie. Wednesday I spent all day working on Mike's cake without a stand mixer since mine died. The three different cakes weren't to hard but homemade frosting is hard to mix by hand.

The fourth of July was a very busy day with the parade, car show, booths to look at, games for the kids, water fight and free swimming at the city pool. I was wiped out by 2pm but then we came home to finish getting food ready for the BBQ while the kids played in the pool. Family started arriving and Mike BBQ'd hamburgers and hotdogs. There was way to much yummy food. Then we sang happy birthday to Mike and he blew out the 42 sparkler candles. A few hours later the kids lit a few sparklers in the front yard then we headed out to go watch the big fireworks which were awesome as usual. Once back home my brother-in-law Will lit a bunch more fireworks in the road infront of our house while the kids did more sparklers. We finally wrapped up the day at 12:30 am. It was a great day but I'm ready for a nap. :)

Mike, Owen and Ashley at the Caldwell 4th of July Parade

Cousin Amanda in the Caldwell 4th of July Parade

Watching the parade with Aunt Carla and Uncle Cliff

Owen with a Macaw at the car show

Aunt Carla by a camel at the Memorial Park 4th of July Celebration

Amanda at the Memorial Park 4th of July Celebration

Amanda and Ashley at the Memorial Park 4th of July Celebration

Water fight at the Memorial Park 4th of July Celebration

My sister Molly and daughter Delaney in our backyard

Delaney getting her toenails painted

My nephew Mason in the pool

Hanging out in the backyard

Wow, Owen and Mason with mustaches

More family in the backyard

Mike with his birthday cake

Mike cutting his red, white and blue cake

Delaney ready for cake

Uncle Will lighting sparklers for the kids

Owen with a sparkler

Mason with a sparkler

More sparklers

Ready for the big fireworks to start.

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