Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Day of 2012

Where did the year go? We are only half way through winter break and have been keeping busy. We got a little snow on Christmas evening and it has been keeping the kids busy collecting it and making a tiny sledding hill, lots of fun. Mike has been working on unfinished projects, like Pepe's lizard tank which is looking awesome. Cutting glass isn't as easy as it looked like on YouTube. The kids have been playing with all their fun toys and watching movies. Then we have super cute pets to play with too. What to do with all the leftover brownies?? Shape them into dog poop to give to the guys at work of course! :)

As 2012 gets left behind and we move on to 2013 we are thankful for all the time spent with family and friends and are looking forward to many more. Happy New Years!!

Pepe's tank just waiting for some glass

New baby dwarf bunnies, one Netherland Dwarf and one Hotot Dwarf.

Alysha and Banjo

Owen and Ashley with Oreo

Mike, that isn't real dog poop is it??

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