Monday, December 3, 2012

Idaho Ice World

My brother Cody came to visit so we all decided to go ice skating. It was a lot of fun even with all the crashing and falling. Mike even gave it a try this time and did really well. It was also Alysha's friend Jacobi's birthday and first time skating and they had a blast. My camera didn't do very well so don't have photos of everyone. :(

Jacobi and Alysha

Me standing for once that evening. I fell at least 6 times, worst ice skating I've done ever. I'm blaming it on my balance being off from my recent head injury from the ice skates falling on my head from the shelf in the shed the other day when I was trying to get my Christmas wreath down

Molly and her mini me, Delaney

 Grandma Francee with Delaney and Molly. Cody and Will in the back.

 Kids using walkers to help with skate, with Mike and Eric

Mike and Owen taking a break.

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