Saturday, December 15, 2012

Only 10 more days until Christmas

We have been keeping busy with school, work and teaching art classes along with wrapping presents and spending time with family. My sister Molly and niece Delaney and I went to visit our grandma Jane this last week in Payette. We had a nice visit and took her some presents. Delaney even wrapped herself up, cute. 

Another day we went to Parma to watch my sister-in-law Kristey and nephew James in the Battle of the Air Bands at their church. It was very entertaining and Kristey's band, Elves Gone Wild stole the show. 

Here at home we have been making snowflakes, painting elves, making some handmade cards and counting down until Winter break. Only four more days of school. Then we'll be working on cookies and some other goodies to share with family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

James' AirBand

Kristey's AirBand, Elves Gone Wild.

One of my cute little elves. :)

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