Friday, January 22, 2016

January Project - Ashley's room

With Ashley about to turn 13, we decided to repaint her room getting rid of the giant flower mural I painted forever ago. She picked out the color she wanted and we got to work cleaning, sorting, moving furniture, taping and covering everything we didn't want paint on then got busy painting. It took four coats of paint to cover the mural, we painted the trim and door white, then painted her closet doors with chalk board paint. We had a lot of toys to decide what to do with. So Ashley went through all of them sorting them in three piles, ones to keep in her room, ones to keep but put away and ones to donate. We have finished painting and have started putting her room back together but still have some things to finish. Photos to come later....

Sorting out Legos

View from doorway

Covering the last wall.

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