Saturday, November 10, 2012

Alysha's 15th Birthday

Wow, can't believe Alysha is 15 years old. If you think that is weird check out all the weird mustache theme items you can buy to play with. Yes, teenagers are into fake mustaches at the moment. Alysha and her friends are crazy about them. So I made Alysha a mustache cake and found all kinds of things with mustaches on them. A t-shirt that says" I mustache you a question? Can you shave it for later?", an iphone case with "I mustache you a question", mustache ear buds, rings, bracelets, belts, wallets, stickers, fake fur mustaches, fake finger mustache tattoos and much more. So after going to Chinese for dinner and to see the newest Ice Age movie we came home to play with mustaches. Even her new bike had a mustache. Crazy but fun.

Alysha with her mustache cake.

Mustache cake

Alysha with her new t-shirt, iphone case, ear buds and lots of stick-on mustaches.

Owen with a mustache

Owen, Alysha, Amanda and Ashley with mustaches

Amanda pondering the universe.

More mustaches

Alysha with her new bike

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