Sunday, June 3, 2012

Busy end of the school year!

The last few weeks seems to have just flown by. While the kids were busy wrapping up the school year, I was painting in the garage. I painted props for the Canyon Dance Academy's Spring Recital of Pinocchio. They asked me to paint a carnival background which I did.  It ended up being 5' tall by 15' long which seems huge until on stage. I decided to add an ocean background, painted on the back, toy shelves, donkeys and a school/town background.

The kids had a great year at Heritage Community Charter School but are very happy to be on summer vacation. We started off our first day of vacation at Petco buying Alysha's new baby bearded dragon, Pepe'. Then we went to Home Depot for the kids workshop to build little wooden organizers. Home to clean up the house and do a few chores then back to Petco for the Reptile Rally. The kids did a scavenger hunt, learned about reptiles and Owen's leopard gecko, Marble won the Cold-Blooded Beauty Contest. We then came home and BBQ'd hamburgers with my sister and her family followed by Ashley's dance recital. I helped out on stage moving the paintings on and off stage during the performance and Ashley did a wonderful job dancing. It was a very busy day and even though the summer is looking busy we should be able to slow things down quite a bit. Which is really sounding good to me. :)


Owen, Alysha and Marble at the Reptile Rally at Petco

Owen and Marble at Petco

Marble won first place.

Alysha with her new baby, Pepe'.


Ashley on stage with her Ballet 1 class.  (She is in the front, middle with her arm up the highest)

Ashley in the front line on stage

Ashley on stage at the recital

Ashley after the recital with her flowers

My pretty little ballerina. :)

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