Sunday, June 10, 2012

Old fort Boise Days

Ashley was her cousin Amanda's little sister in the Old Fort Boise Pageant in Parma, Idaho. Amanda did great and received the Miss Congeniality award. Ashley had a lot of fun at the pageant. Then they got to be in the parade on Saturday morning. It ended up being cold and raining for the parade so they had to wrap up in blankets. Ashley loved getting to throw the candy in the parade. Alysha said good bye to everyone and we headed to the airport to send her off to Texas for two months. We will miss her. :( Once she was on the plane I headed back to Parma to belly dance with my troop Habibi Nada.  We had a fun time dancing even with the strong wind. Once we were done, Ashley and Owen got have some fun at the carnival. It was a very busy day but lots of fun too. :)

Old Fort Boise Days Pageant

Ashley and Amanda ready for the parade

Alysha saying good bye before heading to the airport.

Belly dancing at Old Fort Boise Days

Ready for my solo

Ashley and Owen at the carnival

Kids on the swings.

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