Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Background paintings for the 5th grade play

Okay, I was at the airport getting ready to leave for Arizona when I received a phone call from the school. It was a lady helping with the title one 5th graders. They wanted a few background for their play on Literacy Night the following week. I told them that I would do it but I wouldn't be back until Monday. Of course I didn't know that I'd catch a cold while I was gone. So I ended up getting a copy of the play and the drawings from the kids on Monday then I stretched out what I was going to paint. Tuesdays I spent all day painting and finished the bean stalk, forest, castle tower, picket signs and TV. Today I got the news station and desk signs painted and added some glitter. Then we took them to the school so they are ready for the kids to use for dress rehearsal and the play tomorrow night. It was a very quick project and I didn't have time to add to much detail but the kids were super excited about them. Looking forward to seeing the play.

TV for News Room

Castle Tower background for Sleeping Beauty

Forest Background for the Three Little Pig's Cooking Show

Jack's Bean Stalk for the Strike

Picket signs for the protesters at Jack's Bean Stalk

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