Thursday, February 3, 2011


We had a little bit slower morning since we didn't have to meet the greyline bus to Seaworld until 9:50am. So we had a nice breakfast first. Once we got to Seaworld we checked out the show times then went on an Arctic helicopter ride, saw the polar bears, whales and penguins. Then went to see the Dolphin and Shamu killer whale shows. Then we stopped to pet the Bat Rays and had lunch. We then explored the tide pools and went on a few more rides. It was a great day with lots to see.

Owen and a Polar Bear.

Alysha with a Beluga Whale.

The dolphin show.

Getting ready for Shamu's show in the soak zone.

Shamu and trainer.


Petting the Bat Rays

Holding a star fish in the tide pools

Owen and a sea turtle

Ready to check out the view.

Alysha and the ocean.

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