Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

We like to celebrate Valentines Day in the morning then Owen's birthday in the afternoon to evening. That way we can separate the holiday from his birthday. It worked out great this year. Ashley's class party was last Friday afternoon and Owen's was this morning. Alysha took cookies to share with her orchestra class. Lots of love and sweets..

Owen working on his Valentines Day cards.

Ashley working on her Valentines Day cards.

Stacy helping Ashley hand out her Valentines at school.

Ashley at her class party.

Grandma Reva and Ashley making heart shaped brownies.

Alysha and Amanda making heart shaped sugar cookies.

Kids before school opening their Valentines from me.

Owen's class singing Happy Birthday to him.

Mike helping Owen read his Valentines.

Owen with a huge mouth full of cake.

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