Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We got up early, had a quick breakfast then met the Greyline bus and headed to Carlsbad to Legoland. It was a full day of exploring the park but we didn't quite see it all. We started with Dinoland with large sculptors of Dinosaurs completely made with little Lego's. Duplo Village was a great playground. Fun Town is where the kids got to go to driving school and drive their own little Lego cars. Pirate Shores the kids rode on a boat ride, a log ride and Owen's favorite the Private Ships with working water guns. Castle Hill Ashley found a throne to sit in. Then our favorite land was Miniland, with complete little versions of Los Vegas, New York, the white house and more. With moving cars, boats and more. We didn't make it to Imagination Zone which looked fun but did do a little shopping at the gift shop before our bus picked us up. Was a fun day full of Legos.

Owen and Alysha in Dinoland

Ashley driving a little blue car in driving school

Alysha and Owen driving red cars in driving school.

The boat ride in Pirate Shores

The log ride that Mike chicken out from going on with them.

The Pirate Ships with working water guns to shoot people walking by the ride.

Close up of the kids spraying water on everyone.

Owen found one of the water guns on the side and got people on the ride wet.

Ashley on her throne.

Owen, Alysha and a lego dragon.

Miniland, Owen watching the pirate show at the mini Treasure Island Hotel.

Miniland, lego New York

Alsyha showing us the little working vehicles driving down the street.

Owen skipper of one of the little lego boats.

Captain Alysha, in Miniland.

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