Saturday, January 15, 2011

January Birthday Party

We invited family and friends over to celebrate January birthdays. First we made a whole bunch of cupcakes with chocolate mickeys. Ashley took some to school to share with her classmates. Then we had the neighborhood kids over to play some games and have cupcakes. After that family came over for chili, cornbread and to celebrate Mariah's 19th, Amanda's 13th and Ashley's 8th birthdays with more cupcakes. Yummy. Was a busy day.

Tomorrow, we are off to DISNEYLAND followed by LEGOLAND and SEAWORLD. YAY!!!! Photos to come.

Ashley with snacks for the nieghbor kids.

Ashley opening some presents.

Ashley with her Disneyland scrapbook.

Ashley with her Minnie cake.

Amanda with her mini cake

Mariah with her mini cake.

Birthday girls.


  1. Have a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it the whole vacation is PERFECT!!!! I can't wait to see 1 million and 1 photos from the week!!!and Happy Happy Birthday Ashley dear!

  2. P.S. How in the world do you do ALL that the day before a vacation, pack for a vacation, and live to blog about it the sameday!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your amazing!