Monday, January 31, 2011

Disneyland Day 3

Our last day in Disneyland we explored more of California Adventure. We started the day in Paradise Pier where Ashley went on her first BIG roller coaster California Screaming with Mike and Alysha. She thought it was scary but ended up going on it again later in the day. Owen and I went on King Triton's Carousel and got Woody's autograph while they were on the roller coaster. We went on Mickey's Fun Wheel which was a bit more exciting than a normal Ferris Wheel with a nice view of the park. We did some shopping then headed over to ride the swings and another ride on the Jumpin' Jellyfish. We also did Soarin' Over California again then had lunch at the Pilot's Grill. After lunch we headed to Hollywood Pictures and watched the Muppet Vision in 3D. Which was really more like 4D since we got wet and bubbles fell on us from the ceiling. Then we hit the Monsters, Inc ride and did some Turtle Talk with Crush. Our last stop in Hollywood Pictures was to watch Playhouse Disney Live, which was more fun then just watching Mickey's Clubhouse on the Disney Channel.

Once we had a quick snack we headed back to Disneyland and hit the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for another ride. Then we went to check out all the cool new ideas for the future at Innoventions. Where we got to play with new technology for our homes and lives. You could easily spend hours in there playing with new gadgets and fun games. The kids had been bugging to ride on the Monorail that we had been seeing gliding above us for the past few days so we boarded it in TomorrowLand not really sure where it ended up. It was a quick trip through Disneyland and California Adventure then stopped in Downtown Disney. We took a short walk and reentered California Adventure for the evening. Where we rode a few rides in Paradise Pier again while they were all lit up for the night then decided to head back to our hotel before the crowds started coming in for the World of Color light show.

Enjoying Mickey's Fun Wheel.

Mickey's Fun Wheel.

Autographs and photos with Woody and Sargent

In front of Paradise Pier

Ashley after a ride on the swings.

Jumpin' Jellyfish.

Muppets in 3D

Owen's favorite animal on King Triton's Carousel. The pink seal that he pet the whole ride.

Mickey's Fun Wheel again in the evening with all the lights below.

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