Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break

We started spring break off by going shopping at the pet store where the kids each picked out a Betta and container to buy with their allowance money. Alysha picked out pinkish Betta with blue marking and named it Rose. Ashley picked out a white Betta with purple fins and named it Princess. Owen picked out a bight blue Betta and named it Nemo. All three fish are doing good and living happily on our movie shelf in the hallway with occasional trips to hang out on the kitchen table to be observed.

Alysha with her Betta Rose

Ashley with her Betta Princess

Owen with his Betta Nemo

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  1. Hello over there! Those are some very handsome, dare I say hearty, (Hardy,)and healthy looking fish! I love all of your new fishies!! They made me smile! The music on your blog is great too. Thanks for the fun visit. Love, from Mrs. Slug