Sunday, March 15, 2009

Home from my mini-vacation

I was trying to pretend I was going to Disneyland on a mini-vacation but actually was at the hospital having my swollen lymph node and a few extras removed. The hospital called us in early so we rushed to the hospital Thursday morning only to get there, get prepped for surgery and then just hung out for three hours in a tiny little pre-op room. By the time they were ready for me I was almost asleep. I woke up 3 hours later feeling a bit dopey but not to bad. They moved me to a recovery room on the fifth floor then Mike was able to come see me. The surgeon had talked to him and said that everything went well just took longer than they expected because of the size of my swollen lymph node. My mom and dad had taken care of the kids all day with a trip to the zoo, out to lunch then back to our house. After my mom and the girls came to visit I sent Mike home with them and mom stayed the night with me at the hospital. It wasn't the most peaceful night but I didn't mind the stay and the nurses were all great to me. I enjoyed the room service and cable TV and wasn't in any rush to leave. My mom was ready to leave first thing Friday morning but we had to wait on the surgeon to release me. He didn't come by in the morning and by the afternoon he was in surgery. At 4:30 pm he stopped by and we were headed home. I'm doing fine and am enjoying a quiet weekend at home napping and watching movies. Will be going in for my check up in a week then will start radiation in a couple weeks.

Stacy in pre-op with her fancy blue hat!

Stacy ready for her rollercoster ride down to surgery.

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