Monday, March 9, 2009

Dr. Suess Night & Skiing

We went to the girl's school for Dr. Suess reading night. We played games and read Dr. Suess books then had pizza. Was a fun evening.

Alysha, Ashley & Owen at Dr. Suess Reading Night

This weekend we decided to get away and went skiing at Brundage. The kids are all skiing great. Owen did much better this time than last time but got tired so we put him in the daycare for a couple hours so we could continue to ski. Ashley is a natural little skier and loves it. Alysha is our pro but likes to hang back with all us slow pokes. Mike and I did get a chance to ski without the kids for two runs while the girls were eating lunch in the car which was nice to actually ski not just snow plow the whole time. We had a nice day.

Alysha & Ashley at Brundage

Mike, Alysha & Ashley at Brundage

Stacy, Alysha & Ashley at Brundage

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