Saturday, January 17, 2009


We decided to head to Brundage. It's been cold and breezy here in Caldwell but it was sunny with blue sky and really warm at Brundage. It was a lot of driving for only two hours of skiing but we had fun and it was better than hanging out at home. After helping all three kids get all their ski clothing and equipment on we headed to the bunny hill. I managed to get Ashley & Owen on and off the chairlift without any problems. Alysha skied with Ashley down the hill while I helped Owen. They all did great and I finally started letting Owen ski down half the hill by his self. Which is much easier on me and he loved it. We'll try the whole hill next time but he just scares me cause I can tell he is going to bomb straight down the hill without turning or trying to slow down. Maybe a flashing light and siren should be put on his helmet to warn everyone in the area! We ended up heading home early so I didn't have to drive in the dark. Next time we'll stay longer.

Stacy helping Ashley & Owen off the chairlift.

Alysha at Brundage

Stacy helping Owen ski

Ashley sking on the bunny hill

Owen sking on his own.

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