Monday, January 12, 2009

January Birthdays!!

Happy New Year!! We started off the year with a month full of birthdays! First we celebrated our niece Alaina's 3rd birthday. She had a fun cowgirl party with a treasure hunt in hay and a cute horse birthday cake. My sister's birthday is next on the calendar. I made her a birthday cake, picked up pizza & wine then delivered it to her. She seemed really surprised. Our daughter Ashley's birthday is the 18th of the month, niece Mariah's is the 17th and niece Amanda's is the 20th. This year we decided to celebrate all three birthdays early so that Aunt Ruby and Cousins Alyse, Lexi, Alaina & Layla all could attend before they returned to South Dakota. We all went rollerskating at the Rollerdrome. Which was a lot of fun even though most of the little people had a hard time keeping their feet under them. Afterwards we all went to Grandma Reva's house for dinner then had birthday cake. We still are planning on celebrating on Ashley's birthday here at home this coming weekend with a few presents & cupcakes. My brother Cory's birthday is also in January so that ends the month with a total of six birthdays.

Next month is Grandma Reva's 70th birthday, niece Delaney's 1st birthday, our Owen's 4th birthday and Grandpa Al's birthday. That is just the start of the year, we celebrate at least 28 birthdays throughout the entire year and I'm probably missing someone. That is A LOT of BIRTHDAYS!!

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  1. Yea!!!!!! Welcome to the blogging world! You started just in time so I can keep up on everything when we leave! Who ever said January was a quiet month wasn't in our family! (Maybe March will be a slow month!)