Monday, January 2, 2017

December Happenings

Wow, December has come and gone leaving me with a lot to catch up on.
  • The first weekend of December we met my sister and family downtown Caldwell and watched the Night Light Parade. 
  • Ashley created and sewed Christmas presents and made herself a shirt. 
  • Ashley and Amanda went to grandma Reva's house and made chocolates. 
  • Alysha and I went downtown and walked quickly through Wonderland, it was freezing cold.
  • We got a bunch of snow and the kids made a snowman. 
  • I've been feeding the birds and we have enjoyed watching them. 
  • We put up our tree and decorated it. 
  • Mike hung out a few lights and set up a pretty outside tree. 
  • Owen had his first orchestra concert playing the viola, he did awesome. 
  • We baked Ninjabread men, sugar cookies, dog treats, and made a Yule Log cake. 
  • I spent four weekends in a row at different Holiday Bazzars where I had a Monat table and I got my picture taken with Santa. 
  • Ashley cut out paper snowflakes and wrapped most of the presents. 
  • All while Bella stayed under the couch on the heater all month.

Ashley making me an apron for Christmas

Ashley's new ruffle skirt she made

Ashley, Amanda and Grandma with their creations

Alysha and I at the Wonderland light display

Kids building a snowma

Decorating our tree

Owen's 1st concert

6th graders

Feeding the birds

Where Bella has been all December

Ninjabread men
My Monat Table at the Boise Holiday Bazzar

It's Santa!

Owen making dog treats

Ashley making a Yule Log cake

Decorating sugar cookies

Making paper snowflakes

How many birds can fit on one bird feeder?

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