Friday, January 6, 2017

Celebrating the Winter Solstice and Yule

We decided to focus on the Winter Solstice and celebrate the change from fall to winter along with the days starting to get longer. We did some research about Yule and found out that it is about celebrating a lot of the things that we normally really enjoy already so we made a day of Yule tide fun. Mike spent some time before hand creating a Yule log with items from our yard and Ashley helped me make a vanilla and chocolate Yule Log cake. We had a big yummy breakfast then went to Lake Lowell to play on the ice and snow. Then we came home and started roasting a prime rib and decorated the table. Before dinner we each lit a candle on the Yule log and made a wish. We ate a yummy dinner of prime rib, fingerling potatoes, glazed carrots and rolls. Then we had a nice little bon fire in the back yard and burnt the Yule log. Then came the Yule log cake and watching movies. It was a fun family day and we look forward to celebrating it next year.

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