Friday, July 1, 2016

Alysha and Amanda's Senior Trip

Kristey and I took Alysha and Amanda to the Boise airport so they could begin their Senior trip across the U.S. Alysha goes to visit her dad every summer but this year she wanted Amanda to go to. Mark was awesome and bought plane tickets for both of the girls. This was Amanda's first time on a plane and the farthest away from home she has ever been. She was both excited and nervous. The girls flew from Boise to Denver, Colorado then onto Houston, Texas. Alysha said Amanda was so nervous that she giggled most of the first flight. The second fight they went through a storm which ended up being a very bumpy ride. Once they arrived Alysha's dad Mark picked them up and they drove for a few hours then stopped at a hotel for the night.

Girls walking to the airport from the parking lot

Girls with their boarding passes

Girls checking in their luggage

Ready for their adventure

Headed through security

The next day they drove to South Padre Island and met up with Mark's friends Crystal, Randell, their kids and grand kids. Crystal and family rented a house for everyone to stay at and organized a bunch of activities for the group of 19 to go do for the week. It was totally awesome of them to include the girls. They went to the Texas State Aquarium where they saw lots of sea life and a dolphin show, a sea turtle rescue hospital and got to watch baby sea turtles released into the ocean, played on the beach, went on a dolphin sunset cruise, horse back riding, a water park and lots more. Here are a few of their photos from Facebook. They are currently headed to Sweetwater, Texas to continue their adventures.

Some of their group on the beach

Girls with Alysha's little brother Jayden on the Dolphin Cruise

Dolphin show at the aquarium

More boating

Amanda and Crystal

Some of their group about to watch baby sea turtles released into the ocean

Amanda on the beach

Girls with Mark, Alysha's dad on their horse back ride

Water park fun

Collection shells on the beach

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