Friday, July 8, 2016

4th of July FUN

The 4th of July came and went once again. It was a lot of fun even though we were missing some of our usual 4th of July groupies. We managed to make it to the parade even though the city moved it to 9am in the morning instead of 11am like most years. It happened to be not as hot as it usually is which was nice. We checked out the booths at the park then came home to get food ready for our BBQ. Mike went to his mom's to water her plants and check in on Al. Then he rode his motorcycle with flag shirt on through Middleton just after their parade had finished and ran into some friends. Meanwhile at home we visited with Aunt Kristey and James then watched Star Wars. Once Aunt Carla and Cliff arrived we started BBQing kabobs and stuffed peppers and then ate way to much yummy food. Mariah and Rey arrived to join in on the fun. Mike and the kids played in the pool then we all walked over to the park to watch the city fireworks. We managed to dodge all the illegal fireworks on our walk home then lit some of the free fireworks we won a few weeks ago. It was a more mellow 4th than usual but still lots of fun.

Star Wars characters in the parade :)

Daughter and Father pony tails

Mike and Carla

Hanging out
Making kabobs

Bbqing kabobs and peppers

Ash doing Mike's hair

Mariah and Rey


Look, it's Coolio

The little mermaid and her dad

Walking to the park to watch fireworks

Sleep pile to watch the fireworks

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