Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cub Scouts Rain Gutter Regatta Sail Boat Races

A few weeks back Owen and Mike built this little sail boat for the cub scouts rain gutter regatta. The pack meeting ended up being postponed until last Thursday. It ended up being at one of the cub scout leader's house in the backyard which made for nice backgrounds for photos. When we arrived the boys signed their boats in, then got to practice sailing their boats. They had a little fix it table if they needed to make any changes to their boats before the race. While the kids were waiting for the races to start they got to build little boats out of corks, toothpicks, and rubber bands.  They also had stations set up around the yard for other activities but my kids liked making the cork boats. Owen did a great job racing his sail boat and won the first three races then he lost one, won the next, and then lost the last. Leaving him in third place with a trophy. He also received his cub scout badges for Family Member, Handyman, Naturalist, Outdoorsman, Scholar and Traveler. It was a great pack meeting.

Boys practicing before the race

Cork boats they made

Race #1

Race #2

Race #3

Race # 4

Owen with his third place trophy for the rain gutter regatta and award for "Coolest Paint Job"

Owen receiving his cub scout badges for completing six different requirements.

Owen with his new badges

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