Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Adventures in Belly Dancing

I had to put belly dancing on hold over the school year but then threw myself back in the middle of things in May. I had three weeks to learn a new dance and we finally got new costumes put together. We belly danced in between the Glitterati Gals' performances at the Bouquet a few weekends ago. Then Liz and I performed at the Balcony for the Global Concepts community Belly Dance show the following weekend. Now we are getting ready for the Nyssa ThunderEgg days and two more Glitterati shows. It's a lot of fun playing with the big girls and getting all dressed up and sparkly.

Liz, Heidi and I at the Bouquet

Habibi Nada performing at the Glitterati Gals' show

Me with my awesome little hat Heidi made me

Liz and me at the Balcony

Showing off our hats

My photographer for the evening

Habibi Nada performing at the Global Concepts show

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