Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring happenings

Alysha at school

Alysha started online High School with Richard McKenna Charter School. She gets to stay home and do her school work in her pajamas. Not only has she been having trouble with migraines but she has been having an allergic reaction to some unknown thing that is causing her eye lids to swell up. :(

Mike has been busy trimming our huge apple tree in the backyard. Which has been a big project....

Ashley got on the honor roll and got to go to an Honor Roll Party at school. Then she worked on her science fair project with her friend Elisabeth and showed it at the school's science fair.

It has been a super busy month with school, work and projects. We have been counting down until Spring break and it is finally here. YAY!!!

Mike trimming the apple tree

Mike burying himself in branches

Ashley with her honor roll award

Ashley and Elisabeth putting their display together

Elisabeth and Ashley at the school science fair

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