Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Christmas morning Owen found that Santa had answered the questions on his letter that he left for him. He was very secretive about it. The kids opened their stocking, then one by one opened the presents under our little tree. Once all the presents were opened we gave the kids a card with a note that told them there was one more present but they had to solve the riddles to find it. There were ten cards hidden inside and outside that they had to find and solve that lead them to the back of the van. There they found two extra large presents from grandpa Rick that was a new trampoline for the backyard. Everyone was cold so the boxes stayed in the van so we could go in and make breakfast. We are all very spoiled and had a wonderful Christmas. 

In the evening we went to my sister's house for Christmas dinner and we exchanged new games. Then they talked us into playing one of their new games "Ticket to Ride" which was fun.

Kids freezing outside while they find the last riddle to their last present

Kids about to open their trampoline boxes from grandpa Rick

Owen, Alysha, Mason, Delaney and Ashley

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