Sunday, October 26, 2014

Grandma Reva's Halloween Party

Yesterday, we headed to grandma Reva's house for an afternoon of fun Halloween crafts, games, stories and yummy food. The kids all had a great time playing with their cousins along with all the activities. We lucked out with great weather too.

I had to leave early for a belly dance performance but everyone else stayed to played more games and told stories. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. I'm sure Aunt Ruby has photos of the other games. Thank you grandma Reva for another awesome Halloween party.

Kids carving little pumpkins

Audrey and Landon with their pumpkins

Alyse, Alaina, Lexi and Ashley carving their pumpkins

Grandma Reva, Aunt Ruby and Uncle Scott taste testing the food

Alysha, Owen, Landon and Janette at Aunt Carla's craft table

Amanda and Alysha

Amanda and Alysha

Layla, Alysha, Ashley and Amanda

No, this isn't Owen's costume. It's for one of Aunt Ruby's games

Alaina and Owen trying to knock over water bottles with pantyhose with balls in the ends.

Layla and Alyse's turn

Amanda and Alysha ready to play

Opps Aunt Ruby and Uncle Scott got their pantyhose knotted together

Alysha, Mariah and Amanda hanging out

Girls ready to play the doughnut game

Ready, set, go!

Everyone trying to eat their doughnut

Alysa and Ashley

Kids playing again.

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