Monday, July 21, 2014

Cascade Camping

This last weekend we went camping at Cascade Lake with my parents, my sister and her family. The kids had a lot of fun building sand castles, swimming, kayaking, fishing, catching frogs, catching baby catfish and collecting natural clay. Of course there was making smores over a fire, sleeping in a tent and just having a great time with their cousins too. It was a nice little weekend away from home.

Building sand castles

Grandma Francee, Teko and Sidney

Playing Legos in Aunt Molly's trailer


Ashley adding on to the sand castle

More kayaking

Little frog

Girls collecting natural clay

Aunt Molly and Delaney in the shade

Delaney and her fish

Owen and his fish

Camp fire and smores

Overloaded kayaking

Molly and Will on the beach

Kids trying to find some shade

Hungry kids waiting for dinner

Grandma Francee and Grandpa Jack's vacation home

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