Friday, January 17, 2014

Time to head back to school

Winter break came to an end. Ashley and Owen headed back to school with their finished school projects. Owen did a poster all in Spanish on the five different animal kingdoms with an example of each. Ashley did a clay model of an animal cell and a plant cell.

Alysha didn't start back to school until the next day so Mike took her and I to the shooting range to shoot his new gun. It was my first time and Alysha's second. It was fun but cold and windy.

Alysha shooting at the gun range

Mike teaching me how to shoot his gun

Don't mess with Alysha, she's a good shot!

The weather changed to really warm for a few days and all of Mike's hard work on the ice house melted to the ground. I took a photo of it before it really started melting.

Mike and Ashley's ice house before it melted.

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