Monday, January 20, 2014

Ashley's 11th Birthday

Saturday was Ashley's 11th birthday. Mike had to work but we had fun making paper decorations, preparing food, baking her cake. In the afternoon Ashley's friend Elisabeth from school came over to play for a few hours. Once Mike was home we headed to the Golden Corral to meet up with grandma Reva, aunt Carla, aunt Kristey, cousins Mariah, James and Amanda for dinner. Then we went to see the new Disney movie Frozen.

Sunday we decorated and got everything ready for Ashley's party at home. My sister Molly and her family came over along with a few of the neighbor girls to celebrate with us. We had yummy snacks and played pin the tail on the zebra then had cake and opened some presents. Then we headed to the Rollerdrome to roller skate for a few hours. It was a blast and we came home tired and hungry. We made homemade pizza and watched a movie.

Thank you to everyone for all of Ashley's wonderful birthday cards and gifts.

Ashley ready to open some presents

Ashley at the Golden Corral for dinner and a few presents

Mariah at the Golden Corral for her 22nd birthday.

Amanda celebrating her 16th birthday with James at the Golden Corral

Ashley ready for her party guests to arrive.

Ashley ready to blow out her candles

Pink and blue zebra stripes inside her cake

Owen, Ashley, Delaney, Mason and Alysha at the Rollerdrome

Roller Skating

Ashley at the Rollerdrome

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