Monday, November 11, 2013

Alysha's Sweet & Sour 16th Birthday

This weekend we celebrated Alysha's 16th birthday at the Rollerdrome with a bunch of her friends. Since she isn't completely sweet, we had a Sweet and Sour 16th birthday party with sweet & sour candy, rainbow colors & patterns and light up accessories to roller skate with. It was a lot of fun even if it did fall on a super busy & crowded Saturday afternoon at the Rollerdrome.

After the party the five of us went to dinner at Red Robin then to the Edwards Theater to see the new THOR movie, which was a great ending to a fun & busy day.

Kids ready to skate

Alysha and cousin Amanda

Ashley skating

Owen, Ashley and Mason skating

Alysha ready to blow out candles
Close up of Alysha's cake
Thank you to my grandpa & aunt Lee for my new kitchenaid
mixer that was a huge help with this cake. :)

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