Friday, October 18, 2013

Reva's Fall party

Grandma Reva's Fall parties are always a lot of fun. The kids made banners for a parade, played games, dressed up, did a scavenger hunt with clues to uncle Mike the scarecrow who had prizes, ate yummy food and listened to stories in the bat cave. It was a great afternoon of fun.

Alysha making her flag

Ashley making her flag

Landon with his flag

Where is Alaina?

Owen in the bat cave

Team A - turning Layla into the corpse bride

Team B - turning Alaina into the corpse bride

Team A all finished

Team B all finished

Audrey watching Owen

Pin the crow on the scarecrow

Who can eat their doughnut off the string first

Layla and her doughnut

Audrey and  Alysha

Grandma Reva and Aunt Ruby making yummy and scary food

Landon and the punch

Kids with uncle Mike the scarecrow

Mike and Alaina

Ashley, Owen and Mike

Alaina, Alysha and Mike

Children on parade

Grandma Reva, Mike and Aunt Carla

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