Saturday, August 10, 2013

Roaring Springs

Yesterday, we met up with my parents, my sister and kids for a fun filled day at Roaring Springs water park. We had a great time playing in the water and going down the slides. Grandpa Jack and Alysha rode the new Zero Gravity ride and we had a nice picnic. Everyone played hard and was tired by the end.

Molly and Delaney in the Endless River

Alysha and Ashley in the Endless River

Ashley and Delaney in the Endless River

Molly and Grandma Francee in the Endless River

Molly and Grandpa on the slide

Mason and Owen on the slide

Owen and Mason - Photo to save to black mail them later. LOL

Mason and Owen in line for one of the big slides

Alysha in line

Molly, Grandpa Jack and Alysha at the end of one of the rides

Delaney with her giant snow cone

Alysha on the new ride Zero Gravity

Grandpa and Alysha after their ride on Zero Gravity

Mason and Grandpa ready for another ride.

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