Sunday, August 11, 2013

Nampa Art in the Park

Aunt Shelley and cousin Sarah arrived so we all got together to and went to Nampa's Art in the Park. We all had fun looking at all the cool items displayed in all the booths of course some of our x large group moved a lot slower than others so we had a hard time staying together. We stopped for snacks and enjoyed some of the live music playing. It was hot and we eventually ended up heading back to Grandma Reva's house to visit.

How many family members can you fit under a canopy tent?

Mariah, Amanda and Alysha being statues while waiting for family to catch up to them.

Looking at all the cool crafty things for sale

Ruby and girls looking at a cute raggedy ann doll

Grandma Reva and Shelley

Amanda and Mariah dancing to the live music

Ashley snacking on mini doughnuts

Amanda, Sarah, Alysha and Mariah dancing

Ashley and Aunt Carla checking out the fun hats.

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